View Poll Results: What is the primary factor in whether you buy a particular comic?

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  • The Publisher

    6 1.22%
  • The Character(s)

    95 19.31%
  • The Writer

    114 23.17%
  • The Penciller

    237 48.17%
  • The Inker

    11 2.24%
  • The Colorist

    5 1.02%
  • The Letters

    1 0.20%
  • No idea

    23 4.67%
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Thread: What makes you buy a particular comic?

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    Generally I'll buy anything written by Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, Mark Millar, Grant Morrison and Alan Moore. (Frank Miller used to be on this list... lol.)

    The only artist who can make me pick up a book is Lee Weeks. That guy does not get enough credit. He's the best artist working in American comics, imo, and has been for decades.

    Has anyone else had this experience: you read things written by people you used to like as a kid, but as an adult they make you cringe? Off the top of my head that happens every time I pick up a Peter David or Mark Waid book. And Greg Pak would be on that list if he was around when I was a kid.

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    The character and the story bound me to buy the comic series and sometimes I like the character's name too.

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    Between the characters and the story. The last comic I purchased was The Killing Joke, because I had heard of its very distinctive and memorable story.

    If I can connect to a story, I know I will be able to enjoy its characters through analyzing their background and understanding their motivations.


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