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Thread: Fetal Grindings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spidey View Post
    I really enjoyed these. You have some great line weight control.
    Thanks! You know, recently, I've actually switched from a "brush" tool in Manga Studio, with a lot of variation in thickness according to pressure, to a set of tools that are almost technical pens. They have line-weight variation, but only when I press reaaally lightly. It's mostly a practical consideration, because a lot of times, when I print out a finished page, it's got two problems: 1) some of the line weights are kinda out of control because it's hard to get a sense of line-weight across the whole page on the screen, and 2) often I'll end up doing too much detail in small areas because I'm zoomed in too close, and it's not only a waste, but it actually looks bad compared to a more simplified approach. Having defined pen sizes lets me know I'm always using the right line weight, and I know that if my small pen is too fat to draw the detail I'm trying to draw, then I'm trying to draw too small. As a bonus, 3) I can't rely on a a slick tapering "brush" line, so it makes me think a little harder about my shape and line placement. It's also faster, and so far making better-looking pages.

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    More of the same. Still struggling to find a facial architecture that I'm happy with.

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    Hey, guess what, here's a page!
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    man i ****ing love this thread
    I miss when we all drew like Joe MAD and argued about the Matrix

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    Lot of drawing over Russell Patterson on this one.
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    loving it bro-awesome range of expressions and characters...excellent handle on the babes especially :w00t:. keep grinding .

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    You've given me quite a few good ideas here, and great stuff you've done. Can't wait to see more.
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    Fair warning, I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm going to keep doing it though.

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    Thanks, guys!

    @CoreyPledger -- What kind of ideas? Ideas for characters or stories? Ideas for ways to practice?

    Anyway, here's more.
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