Ant-Man for Kirby Tribute WIP

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Opposite limbs forward!

Walking like an Egyptian is great for hieroglyphs but sucks for comics.

Draw from the inside out!

Drawing outside in is 5-10 years above your pay scale.

Hips and shoulders go at opposite angles AND opposite directions. Build up from simple shapes.

Clear action is best shown with action perpendicular, or sideways, to the viewer. The problem with post #4 is lack of perspective (which leads to an inability to build a scene) and poor posture selection.

Animated drawings come in 3 stages: Extremes, breakdowns, in-betweens. Extremes are just that, as far as the figure can be pushed. Breakdowns are the pose right in the middle of those extremes. In-betweens are between extremes and breakdowns. The breakdown is the least interesting, least powerful, most deprived of motion shot you can choose because it's as far away from the extremes as you can get. Never go for the breakdown, go for the extreme and push it further. You went for the breakdown... d'oh!

For motion in drawing you can't do better than Preston Blair's "Animation". Supposedly unable to dance a step himself, he was Hollywood's greatest choreo-animator. So far beyond other mortals, his Red Hot Riding Hood was banned when it came out. The only Americans allowed to see it were GIs overseas.

Before anyone wants to poo poo the idea of bigfoot and/or animation as a basis for heroic adventure comics, consider this: Frank Frazetta was one of the greatest bigfoot artists ever and Jack Kirby started in animation on Popeye. If it's good enough for the best ever, it's good enough for anyone here.

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