Juggernaut Pummel

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Just bring the house down. Give him some forward thrust, opposite limbs rule.
Josem FTW! But, let's take it one step further...

🎶C'mon Baby, let's do the Twist
🎶C'mon Baby, let's do the Twist
🎶Take Juggy's little hand and go like this...

Just as we have three planes in perspective (background, midground, foreground) We have three rotational angles on the fist through it's arc (windup, pre-contact, post-contact) Note the blue line indicating the angle of the knuckles relative to the ground. Note how the angle of the blue line in figures 1 & 3 are identical. This is because the fist rotates a full 180.

In a STORY panel we accentuate this by crossing the punch arm over the body. BUT, this is a DISPLAY piece. We want a full frontal view. Along with the debris Josem suggests, the fist twist should sell the idea of irresistible force.

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