Commie Zombies From Outer Space

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"Because... I've seen it."

Today I finished the script for Commie Zombies From Outer Space. It has been a four year journey of sneaking moments away from my every day life to write a page or two here or there. It was mostly written after I ate lunch during the most volatile relationship I've ever had... my job. The time that I spent writing this script was fun and tedious and arduous during those moments that I would just stare at the page having no idea what was going to come next.
It's not great. Hell, it might not even be good as I set out to write something that was meant to feel like the movies I watched as a child in order to kill time until Elvira, Mistress of the Dark bounced her ample bosom on my 13 inch screen again. But it's the first script that I've ever finished and of that I am extremely proud. I hope Steve and the rest of you enjoy reading it as I post it.

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