Bristol Comics Expo - May 14th & 15th 2011

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I had a table at the Bristol Con at the weekend. Its the first time I'd been to this particular con as an exhibitor -- and I found it pretty bloody disappointing.

Instead of being set in one, large hall - this con was arranged in various rooms - across 2 separate hotels that were 4 or 5 minutes apart. So, not a good set-up to start with.

I had been very happy with the fact that I'd been able to nip in and book the very last table on offer at the event -- but it resulted in me being placed in a room with a whole bunch of guys who were 'just selling comics'. There were 1 or 2 artists (who actually worked in the business and were therefore 'known') sited a few tables away from me - but they seemed to be struggling to get any attention from the punters as well. It seemed that people had gone to buy comics - rather than to buy art prints :-(

Oh, and actually, not many people even really went to this con (as far as I can tell). I heard that they capped ticket sales at 2000 - but failed to sell them all.

This has not put me off getting tables at cons in any way -- but, after being so excited at the fact I'd booked the final table on offer, this was a total let-down.

The next Con I'm doing will be in London in July. I hope that'll be better. I'll have copies of a book to sell by then as well (an offensive yearbook I wrote and illustrated a couple of years ago).

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