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  1. Sounds Like you've been staying very busy...glad your getting back to being artist
    A Major in politics wow that's gotta be kinda trying to get...most politics are over my head lol.
    Yeah your Avatar is kinda spooky lol
    Good to hear from you buddy!
  2. Just realised, you meant my Av/photo!

    Av: I was messing around with a face research site where I merged my face with a skull then transformed it into a baby. At 50x50 pxls, it don't look great, but its pretty freaky at the larger size!

    Photo: Yeh that's me. I don't dress like that normally. I always upload pics where my face is slightly obscured.
  3. Yeh its me. I was up studying for an exam for a job when I saw that. I do have a Major in Politics and it does make me think more when I hear the idea of "Freedom of Speech."

    How you been?

    I'm slowly building a studio for me to work in. Waiting on the final few supplies to come in. Got sent the wrong stuff too today! In a month or two, you'll hopefully see me drawing a few pages a week. I've been working on stories, scripts etc for past few months and moving into the drawing phase finally.
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