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  1. Hey Edric
    I've got some stuff on my plate I need to finish..Nick Dean #2 and a few wraps....I also have my oldest son move in with domestic problems and he really cramping my creative time ( like he's 8 instead of 28 lol ) if you noticed my post's they been far an soon as I get ND wrapped up and some loose ends tided and I'm back on a schedule where I'm reliable,I'm interested in hearing your pitch...if you want go ahead with a clue
    talk soon
  2. Im trying to find a team to make a comic book and throw around some ideas. NO ($) but we can get the book together and sell it and accept the credit as a group. Would u be willing to work with me . I know u had impressive credentials, I was wondering if we can chat about this and see what we can do.
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