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  1. Terry...I do not know if this has merit...But now when I get a Notification here..My Computer of firefox also lets me not only is the notification highlighted but my computer reinforces that I have a note and asks if it's OK...
  2. Hey Terry
    I posted in a few threads yesterday with high hopes....but darn still no e-mail reply's...I went back and checked,and I missed several messages.
  3. Terry I think were getting close on the e-mail problem
    Mean while I think PJ'r Jersmy needs looked in to.....his post's are like advertisements or are in Support.
  4. Terry is there a way you could get into my account here at PJ and see if I missed anything that would keep me from getting messages at my yahoo....I've gone threw and clicked off and on on everything...In general I tried resetting the fields but nothing happened....I'm really sorry I'm being such a pain...This place is one of the best things that's ever happened to me...I love hanging with all the talent here.
  5. Just curios Terry..
    any closer to my e-mail dilemma ? I've double check my profile...fixed my e-mail that was some how weird ( that was back after the crash )...I should be all go...Anything else I need to try?
  6. Thanks...
    At least this part is working....I left several comments today....hoping to get something in my e-mail at yahoo....have you visited the thread in Support.
  7. I don't think so, Visitor Messages are a separate critter from the Private Messages
  8. Hey Terry
    Is Visitor messages and In-Box an Sent Items connected?
    In Sent and In There is no record of your message...but it is in visitors..I thought they were connected.
  9. Yeah, I got it
  10. Terry let me know if you get this....
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