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  • In memory of Jeremy Dale

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    As many in the comics community know, Jeremy Dale passed away suddenly on November 7th. Jeremy was a member here at PJ since at least 2001, inspiring countless others here and across the larger community with his infectious enthusiasm for comics and his sincere good nature.

    We ask that you continue to keep Jeremy's family in your prayers, and that you consider donating to the Help Out Kelly Dale effort on gofundme.com, and think about contributing to the Community Project for Kelly Dale.

    Jeremy was one of the good ones. We here at Penciljack.com are grateful for the light that Jeremy brought to our dusty little corner of the Internet, and we express our belated condolences to Kelly and the rest of Jeremy's family.
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    1. Helob's Avatar
      Helob -
      Sorry to hear this. R.I.P.
    1. caanan02's Avatar
      caanan02 -
      man. my guy. sigh.
    1. malachimanson's Avatar
      malachimanson -
      I just came back and found out Jeremy passed. RIP Jeremy.
    1. ngoclinhtran's Avatar
      ngoclinhtran -
      RIP Jeremy. (
    1. JayShy's Avatar
      JayShy -
      Wow... Jermey and I would always talk on DA... then I stopped going for almost a year and a half.. come back and here this.... whoa... RIP buddy, you'll be missed.
    1. WolfSpiritZero's Avatar
      WolfSpiritZero -
      Haven't signed in since 2012 to find this heart breaking information tears me up inside.
      I had many exchanges with Jeremy. They were mostly fun and goofy posts here and there.
      Such a shame to lose such a talented kind hearted guy.
      Rest in peace Jeremy.
    1. ActionAveDude's Avatar
      ActionAveDude -
      Did not know this man, as I am new to this forum, but I just want to express my respects for the loss of your friend, Pencil Jack community. Sorry for your loss.
    1. Tiasunep26's Avatar
      Tiasunep26 -
      New here and jes heard the dreadful news,sorry Jeremy....
    1. kaldun's Avatar
      kaldun -
      My condolences.