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    What's this? Content? Here? At penciljack.com? Well, yes! But first, a bit of backstory ...

    There are a few loyal members who have stuck with us for the whole ten years (plus!) who will no doubt remember that old classic "Penciljack.com is getting ready to launch any day now."

    Some slightly less crotchety and elderly members will likely remember the old refrain, "Okay, no, for real this time" and the ever popular "REALLY for real this time, I swear!"

    Members who joined more recently will probably be more familiar with "......... hey, anybody ever hear from PJ these days?" or the now famous "Hey, is PJ down? I haven't heard from Terry in ages."

    Sorry about all that.

    However, it's a true testament to the quality of this community that it has persevered despite all the trials, tribulations and neglect that it has suffered. Hopefully you've noticed that Penciljack.com has gotten quite a bit more lovin' lately. We've had our fair share of outages, but we've been able to pick up and recover from them and keep things rolling.

    To build on that momentum, I wanted to share with you some things that you may notice happening soon.

    • First up, you'll soon notice this here Content Management System (CMS) section is open and available. Nifty, right? This CMS is the primary reason I invested in VB4. In one fell swoop, it made available a whole suite of tools that I had literally been waiting on for years. Eventually, the CMS will expand with a cavalcade of new material, and maybe soon, more than ten years after this site first popped up on the Interwebz, I'll officially declare the site "launched." Honest
    • Next, you'll notice that the Blogs will soon be open for business again. I believe this will become an important part of our community and at the moment I intend to replace the "sketch blogs" forum with this feature. I expect this section of the site will grow at a fast clip.
    • I'm also exploring options to simplify the existing forum layout. It's been a few years since we did this, and some of you may remember it was quite confusing the last time around. Even so, I believe we can consolidate and simplify and make things easier to use. Don't worry - your opinions will be solicited, and 'leaving things as is' is not entirely off the table.
    • Lastly, I'll be simplifying the existing usergroup setup. This should make it easier to manage forum permissions as well as more clearly document post-count based features.

    Some of this is purely logical and organizational and you may be wondering why any of this matters to you. Some of it may not. In fact, I hope at least a few of these points will be fully transparent to your experience here at Penciljack.com.

    Here's to a new age at Penciljack.com. No really
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    1. NickRocks's Avatar
      NickRocks -
      no i cant.

      NickGuy, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

      Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
      If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.
      Log Out Home
    1. brokenhill's Avatar
      brokenhill -
      same for me Nick.
    1. penciljack's Avatar
      penciljack -
      Quote Originally Posted by NickGuy View Post
      no i cant.
      Can't ... what?
    1. NickRocks's Avatar
      NickRocks -
      i cant view the page
    1. penciljack's Avatar
      penciljack -
      Weird - can't view the page but can comment on it?

      I just jiggled some wires, can you view it now?
    1. brokenhill's Avatar
      brokenhill -
      Now I can see it
    1. AceOfHearts's Avatar
      AceOfHearts -
      this is gonna be cool stuff. i might not have been here all along but i am glad i am here now.
    1. F!'s Avatar
      F! -
      Quote Originally Posted by penciljack View Post
      Weird - can't view the page but can comment on it?
      Looks like posting an article to the homepage automagically starts a thread in the forum, and replies in that thread are copied to the article as comments.
    1. NickRocks's Avatar
      NickRocks -
      ohhh were like srk now lol i like this
    1. ArmstrongArts's Avatar
      ArmstrongArts -
      Woo Hoo I am all for growth and change.
    1. Guru_George's Avatar
      Guru_George -
    1. dfbovey's Avatar
      dfbovey -
      Clapping loudly
    1. Beastie's Avatar
      Beastie -
      Looking forward to it
    1. Ugga Bugga's Avatar
      Ugga Bugga -
      There is something called a "less crochety older member?"
    1. Spidey's Avatar
      Spidey -
      Finally! I can't wait, Terry. I do in fact remember all "for real this time"s and am really looking forward to what you've been cooking up all this time.
    1. turnbolt's Avatar
      turnbolt -
      I'm just glad that this is actually something now and I don't pop in on a page telling me I don't have permission to view the page.
    1. Orphangrinder's Avatar
      Orphangrinder -
      I actually had no idea that Penciljack was ever supposed to be more than a forum. Consequently, I was always super annoyed by that little Flash intro. Flash intro for a forum? Come ooooooooon.

      But yeah, really looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
    1. InkDrop's Avatar
      InkDrop -
      In the words of Nickguy "Iz can has nowz!?!!111?1!!111!"

      Can't wait to see what little tricks and fun times PJ has in store.
    1. NickRocks's Avatar
      NickRocks -
      Quote Originally Posted by Orphangrinder View Post
      I actually had no idea that Penciljack was ever supposed to be more than a forum. Consequently, I was always super annoyed by that little Flash intro. Flash intro for a forum? Come ooooooooon.

      But yeah, really looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
      thats cause you joined in 07 LOLOLOLOLOL

      hopefully this means a return of the links section on the main page?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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