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  1. Dev's art

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    " the man with the wooden leg"

    here's a notepad sketch i did some months back. this was the first in a series of kinda weird notepad 8x6 inch doodles which came before i got pulled back into mainstream comic book work. will be posting more comic book stuff, but man do i love doodling weird stuff :P have always loved steampunk, and i think i had seen too many
  2. Dev's art

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    hey everyone, Devmalya here im fairly new here. but i have been drawing for a while. so i want to start this blog with some of my my most recent stuff, and as we go on, keep updating it. hope you guys enjoy it

    and cause it says you have to start every blog with an art piece, here goes a panel from one of my latest sequential pages. i loved making this panel

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  3. jacked on

    I now declare my penciljack writing blog... OPEN!

    My name is Josh Dahl and I write comic book scripts.

    I already keep a regular blog about my script writing project, Rapid City.
    I imagine, therefore, that this blog will primarily be re-posts from there. But if this gains an activity and a life of its own, then I could easily see making PJ specific posts.

    Hope you guys enjoy it!

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  4. PencilJack: You bring out the artist in me

    In my english class we are starting a poetry unit. We read a poem "You Bring Out the Mexican in Me" by Sandra Cisneros. We were assigned to write a poem in similar style. Here's what I wrote:

    You bring out the artist in me
    myself and I
    The little kid, comic nerd
    the yelling kid that's hardly heard.
    You bring out the Pro in me
    the inking man with pencils too
    where would I be without you

    Big erasers and small, small ...