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  1. Juggernaut Pummel

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    Just bring the house down. Give him some forward thrust, opposite limbs rule.
    Josem FTW! But, let's take it one step further...

    🎶C'mon Baby, let's do the Twist
    🎶C'mon Baby, let's do the Twist
    🎶Take Juggy's little hand and go like this...

    Just as we have three planes in perspective (background, midground, foreground) We have
  2. Collected Chris2.0

    Taking a cue from Zepster - will list all my PJ writing contest entries here...

    Writing Contest #112 - Dystopia

    Writing Contest #111 - Risk vs Reward

    Writing Contest #110 - Masks

    Writing Contest #89 - Sidekick

    writing Contest #88 - Fear

    Writing Contest #87 - Create An Iconic Character

    Writing Contest #84: Drugs

    Writing Contest 83: Snow

    Writing Contest 82: Laundromat ! ...

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