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  1. Cover: Transformers: The IDW Collection Vol. I

    I never knew there was a blog for Penciljack.

    I think it's safe to post the cover, since it was made public for quite awhile now.

    IDW came to me asked me to be involve with designing the look and feel of this series of hardcover. So in case you are wondering why I posted the typefaces and designs, because I got to design the whole thing this time.

    This series of cover will feature one character who would be pretty prominent in the particular volume ...

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  2. Gray Hulk

    Pencils and inks: Loston Wallace
    Colors: Steve Downer

  3. PUMMEL entries from then to now

    There are a lot of activities at Penciljack that help you sharpen your skills while having a bit of fun. But the idea of pitting my skills against some very talented dudes has really pushed me a great deal over the past two years or so.

    Thought I'd make my first blog post on PJ a start to finish string of images to show where I started and where I am now.

    Thing vs. Brokenhill

    Thor vs. Dri ...
  4. A guide to putting together your sequential art portfolio for submission

    Your entire physical and online sequential art portfolio should be no more than 9 to 12 pages. Any more and you're just boring the person. The physical portfolio should be the original 11" x17" art.

    Target your portfolio to the publisher you are submitting to; which means don't show Marvel characters to DC Comics and vice versa.

    Present a complete scene within 3 or 4 pages. Each scene should showcase a different mood - action, normal, romantic, quiet, horror, ...

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  5. Creature 52 - Weekly Character Design

    Quote Originally Posted by girdoggy View Post
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    Basically the same thing with different packaging ^_^

    Anyways i just wanna draw , here's my batgirl redesign...

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