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  1. Dev's art

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    " the man with the wooden leg"

    here's a notepad sketch i did some months back. this was the first in a series of kinda weird notepad 8x6 inch doodles which came before i got pulled back into mainstream comic book work. will be posting more comic book stuff, but man do i love doodling weird stuff :P have always loved steampunk, and i think i had seen too many
  2. Dev's art

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    hey everyone, Devmalya here im fairly new here. but i have been drawing for a while. so i want to start this blog with some of my my most recent stuff, and as we go on, keep updating it. hope you guys enjoy it

    and cause it says you have to start every blog with an art piece, here goes a panel from one of my latest sequential pages. i loved making this panel

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  3. Sketch Journal.

    I started this journal for myself,basicly to keep on drawing,and not to worry about and flaws or anything in ,or on the page,...
    the main thought is ,not everything that you draw has to be a piece of master art.
    And to challenge myself,instead of only drawing Manga styled heads.
    enjoy !

    Warning : some nudity here and there !

  4. Current projects: My comic

    Yea so my comic is named Hybrid Zero. I'm going to put it up on the web as soon as I get my website. It's pretty lame but I'm learning allot about drawing and composition, story telling techniques and stuff.

    I'm going to be using this as a sketch blog and a place to show my comic work.

    First up heres some of my character work.

  5. A guide to putting together your sequential art portfolio for submission

    Your entire physical and online sequential art portfolio should be no more than 9 to 12 pages. Any more and you're just boring the person. The physical portfolio should be the original 11" x17" art.

    Target your portfolio to the publisher you are submitting to; which means don't show Marvel characters to DC Comics and vice versa.

    Present a complete scene within 3 or 4 pages. Each scene should showcase a different mood - action, normal, romantic, quiet, horror, ...

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