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  1. Sketch Journal.

    I started this journal for myself,basicly to keep on drawing,and not to worry about and flaws or anything in ,or on the page,...
    the main thought is ,not everything that you draw has to be a piece of master art.
    And to challenge myself,instead of only drawing Manga styled heads.
    enjoy !

    Warning : some nudity here and there !

  2. Current projects: My comic

    Yea so my comic is named Hybrid Zero. I'm going to put it up on the web as soon as I get my website. It's pretty lame but I'm learning allot about drawing and composition, story telling techniques and stuff.

    I'm going to be using this as a sketch blog and a place to show my comic work.

    First up heres some of my character work.

  3. PUMMEL entries from then to now

    There are a lot of activities at Penciljack that help you sharpen your skills while having a bit of fun. But the idea of pitting my skills against some very talented dudes has really pushed me a great deal over the past two years or so.

    Thought I'd make my first blog post on PJ a start to finish string of images to show where I started and where I am now.

    Thing vs. Brokenhill

    Thor vs. Dri ...
  4. Comic color palettes

    Quote Originally Posted by Lingling View Post
    I saw this post on Comics Beat which led to this post with a downloadable traditional colour palette for comics.

    I made a palette a few years ago based the same principle but with more colours. The ACO swatches for Photoshop are up on my blog.

    What kind of palette do you use?
  5. SketchBlog Dump #1- 5/13/2011

    Since the members art blog section is kind of congested, i thought of starting a sketchblog on here. Not the "post every scribble" kind of blog but just the best of the latest.

    Hope to keep this a continuing thing.