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  1. My First Blog Post

    Something ive been thinking about recently at night whislt at the drawing table and what probably is one of the biggest travestys in the art world is the lack of illustrated work on advertisments. Particulary for movie posters and book covers. I look back on the old Bond posters throughout the 60's, 70's ands 80's with a child like excitment. The amount of action, intriegue and of course the gorgously painted women still take my breath away and then i turn to what we have today. Really?
  2. Dev's art

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    " the man with the wooden leg"

    here's a notepad sketch i did some months back. this was the first in a series of kinda weird notepad 8x6 inch doodles which came before i got pulled back into mainstream comic book work. will be posting more comic book stuff, but man do i love doodling weird stuff :P have always loved steampunk, and i think i had seen too many
  3. Dev's art

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    hey everyone, Devmalya here im fairly new here. but i have been drawing for a while. so i want to start this blog with some of my my most recent stuff, and as we go on, keep updating it. hope you guys enjoy it

    and cause it says you have to start every blog with an art piece, here goes a panel from one of my latest sequential pages. i loved making this panel

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  4. The 2012 Long Beach Comic & Horror Con

    I'll be giving a demo at The 2012 Long Beach Comic & Horror Con on Nov.4th at 2:00. I will show you step-by-step how to prepare a digital template for comics using Adobe Illustrator. Learn basic tools and other apps to use. Bring your laptop and you can follow along and leave with your own template ready to create your own comics and graphic novels! This process will also work for InDesign, QuarkXpress and Manga Studio.

    As a bonus, I will take you through the process from pencils, ...
  5. You Can't Spell "Mediocre" Without DC

    With all the hype, the promotional sneak peaks, and the television commercials, the New 52 seems rather... Blah. After reading a few of the titles, I was neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed. I was just dissatisfied. It was a lot like the last time I went to Flemming's Steak House. I heard wonderful things from everyone I know who went, so I decided to take my then girlfriend (now wife) there for a fantastic feast. Unfortunately our waiter was rude, the service was slow, and the food was over ...
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