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  1. Collected Chris2.0

    Taking a cue from Zepster - will list all my PJ writing contest entries here...

    Writing Contest #112 - Dystopia

    Writing Contest #111 - Risk vs Reward

    Writing Contest #110 - Masks

    Writing Contest #89 - Sidekick

    writing Contest #88 - Fear

    Writing Contest #87 - Create An Iconic Character

    Writing Contest #84: Drugs

    Writing Contest 83: Snow

    Writing Contest 82: Laundromat ! ...

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  2. My First Blog Post

    Something ive been thinking about recently at night whislt at the drawing table and what probably is one of the biggest travestys in the art world is the lack of illustrated work on advertisments. Particulary for movie posters and book covers. I look back on the old Bond posters throughout the 60's, 70's ands 80's with a child like excitment. The amount of action, intriegue and of course the gorgously painted women still take my breath away and then i turn to what we have today. Really?
  3. Diary of a Super Fiend: Week 1


    Following a detailed review of an abandoned newspaper I have identified a suitable position that will allow me virtually unrestricted access to the inner workings of a major commercial enterprise.

    Also performed a “service” for the spot ridden teenage son next door ( Badger ). Assisted him in sorting out problems with their broadband connection. He was almost there, the plucky fellow, instructed him on the importance of encrypting their connection.
  4. PencilJack: You bring out the artist in me

    In my english class we are starting a poetry unit. We read a poem "You Bring Out the Mexican in Me" by Sandra Cisneros. We were assigned to write a poem in similar style. Here's what I wrote:

    You bring out the artist in me
    myself and I
    The little kid, comic nerd
    the yelling kid that's hardly heard.
    You bring out the Pro in me
    the inking man with pencils too
    where would I be without you

    Big erasers and small, small ...