1. Drawing a Cityscape

    Having trouble drawing a realistic looking cityscape? well recently after just some random web surfing and a footlong chicken and bacon ranch subway, I came across this image below by the amazing Jon Whitcomb and something caught my eye. While first my attention was drawn to the gorgeously painted male and female, my eye the curiosly drifted to the set of white dots to the right. It took a moment for me to realise that with just a few strokes Jon had created an entire cityscape.
  2. My First Blog Post

    Something ive been thinking about recently at night whislt at the drawing table and what probably is one of the biggest travestys in the art world is the lack of illustrated work on advertisments. Particulary for movie posters and book covers. I look back on the old Bond posters throughout the 60's, 70's ands 80's with a child like excitment. The amount of action, intriegue and of course the gorgously painted women still take my breath away and then i turn to what we have today. Really?